Monday, January 11, 2010


Volume 1

Once Billa, Peelu and Rahu had been to a nearby hill to enjoy the cool breeze. It was already dark and the moon was near the horizon. All the three of them began staring at the sky. Billa was keenly concentrating on the moon. Peelu was the first to break the silence. 
  He said, "I have been staring at the sky for sometime wondering about the billions of stars and galaxies, their composition and God knows what else . But has it ever occured to anyone of you that some living being in some other world would be looking at us at this very moment, if it is staring at the sky above its world". 
   Peelu replied, "Yes, I have wondered about looking life on other worlds from outside. If anyone sees our own earth from outer space it seems to be very calm, everything seems to be orderly and peaceful. There will be no visible signs of our existence. Actually for the observers in outer space the life doesn't exist at all. But if someone zooms into our world, slowly he would come across the signs of life, of man and his creations. The onlooker may not observe the different intricate processes of life. To him everything done on earth adds on to zero. There is no change in the overall composition of earth; Only forms change. 
  The onlooker from outer space might also not give any significance to human feelings and emotions. They are non-existant for him.
  Man or any animal for that matter doesn't actually need these to live. And what makes human different from animals is that he can express his feelings in more than one way and have emotions, which the animals supposedly lack."
  Billa objected," Without any emotions and feelings we will not be called humans. It's not only the ability to think that differentiates us from animals, but also these traits such as love, affection, etc which are different from parental instinct; parental instinct can be seen in animals but most of the creatures in the animal kingdom have no more than parental instincts."
  Rahu was still watching the sky. The other two turned to him and asked for his opinion.
  Rahu replied," Well, you people started with the idea of people from outer space staring at us and reached to somewhat boring things like emotions, feelings, etc. It is considered inhumane if one doesn't have feelings or emotions. But it is the liberty of an individual to be devoid of such things. What matters is how one shapes up his/her life; the foundations of one's thinking ability.

   When we look into the history of various civilisations, art has always been a part of human life; even before the advent of any known civilisation, we can find traces of some paintings in the caves which supposedly housed stone-age men. It was just a way of expressing his ideas and feelings. 
   Though we can't find the roots of art, we can guess that when man began to live as a community, he needed some way to express himself. So he might have started creating sculptures, paintings, music, etc. It also has an added advantage; he could have attracted more females with his artistic way of life. Though flirting has been a part of human life, I do think that art is something more than that. Art demands creativity. I think what differentiates us from animals is creativity. We can express ourselves creatively."
   Peelu was somewhat satisfied with Rahu's reply. He said, "However we interpret our life to be, it just goes on. We may not get an answer for why we are here, but we can certainly make our mark in this world, a mark that can be seen from the outer space!!"

(Hope) to be continued....

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