Monday, January 11, 2010


First Love?! Second Phase!

    I was strolling in the campus on a warm afternoon when I saw her. She was wearing a blue dress with a whitish tinge. She had such beautiful eyes that one would get lost in them. It was a bit cloudy and the sun was not very active; it was not so bright and the shadow of the tree, the combination, along with her made their way throug my heart and into the void. I was struck at that moment and couldn't recover. She made her way silently and i was standing there, watching her with both of my eyes wide open. It took sometime for me to recover from that sudden jolt. I don't remember how long I had been standing there, but I just remember that it all happend at the spur of a moment. I had lost my sense of the fourth dimension.
     All of a sudden a I felt a hand on my shoulder and I remembered that I had a class to attend. It was one of my classmates and I went to the class with him. But I could not take her off my mind; she kept running through my mind, or rather my mind was running around her like a wild horse(any running animal can be compared with!!!).
     It was the end of the day, and my mind had not slowed down. I had a strange nostalgic feeling. It was the second time that it had happened to me.
    The first time was when I was in high school. She was standing outside the classroom with her friends, when I saw her for the first time. The young heart was poken hard, but somehow I managed to get into the classroom and find some place to sit.
   [It was a long time ago and I only have vague memories. Later she became my best friend and I may not tell the story how my heart healed itself]
    I don't remember exactly how I got out of the pathetic situation, the first time. The sudden burst of nostalgia gave some rest for my mind; after about eight hours I was able to get rid of her for two minutes on a stretch! Later I was struggling to get sleep, and after some time my mind gave in and I slept peacefully :-).
    The next morning I was roaming in the campus just to get a glimpse of her. I had come a bit early to the college and I roamed near the bank and the canteen. I gave up and was on my way to the class, when she was coming down towards the bank. She dressed to kill with a saffron dress and I followed her to the bank. I took some form and stood in a queue behind her. Even God showed mercy and sent a friend of mine to the bank; he was there to pay some fees and I volunteered to pay , which I would have never done under normal situations. I was waiting for an opportunity to talk to her. I thought of asking a pen. I made up my mind to talk to her, and when I was about to utter the first word someone talked to me from behind; he asked me for some clarifications in the form and during that time she finished paying her fees and went away. I returned the form to my friend and left the bank! It was already time for the class and I went to attend my class, she went to her class.

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