Monday, March 8, 2010

Save Power

As you all know, our country is starved of energy. We have 1/6th of the world population but I think we don't have 1/6th of the world's natural resources. It is that part of the year when the whole country starts reeling under the influence of load-shedding; more so if you are staying in some of the more power-starved states.

All said and nothing done, this article is being targetted on saving power in offices, wherever computers are being used. A normal desktop computer consumes a minimum of 60W of power when idle and atleast 115W of power when active [Ref.]. We can't do much about power consumption in active mode, but something could be done on power consumption in idle mode. The power consumed in a computer running idle if saved, could light up a room.

If we are in the office for 10 hours on average, and we don't switch them OFF while going home, the computers left ON (& idle) for 14 hours consume 60W*14h = 840Wh of energy everday. (Assuming the computers are effectively used for 10 hours that we are at the office!)

An easy math will give us the energy/power wasted for one week/month/year.

EnergyStar Qualified Unit Conventional Unit
Average power for Watts Watts
Active mode 109.0 115.0
Idle mode 60.0 84.0
Sleep mode 4.0 6.0
Off mode 2.0 3.0
Difference: Active mode vs. off mode 107 113
Difference: Idle mode vs. off mode 58 81

If a company has about a 1000 people and atleast 1/5th of them don't switch off their desktops, it is equivalent to wasting as much power as lighting up 200 rooms. (Think about the fact that there are numerous houses in our contry with only one room)

The number of computers left idle can easily be more than a 100,000 in a city like Bangalore (not sure of the numbers). This energy could be used up by people who need it - like students who want to study, in various parts of the country. Also, it saves a lot of money spent on power.

We can blame our government for not providing enough energy. But we are not blessed with infinite resources. Moreover mother nature is already dying.

Please switch OFF/hibernate the desktops or put them into SLEEP mode or Use power saving options (if it's not already being done) while going home.

We can bring about a change in the status of our country.

Common Man

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