Saturday, May 20, 2017


I remember times as a kid I used to hold dead mice by their tail and fling them into the garbage or into the woods. It was casual and it never bothered me. I hadn't encountered mice since a couple of decades until I became a home owner. It was now time to deal with the mice face to face. It was a dreadful experience and I realized that I had a fear of mice.

Yes, mice! I even looked up the word for it and it's called "Musophobia". I was certain that I was musophobic when I couldn't sleep for two nights; every minor sound would make me jump. I was even worried that the mice would encroach into the whole house up from the basement.

Every time I saw a mouse in the trap, I was scared to take it out, afraid that it would jump up on me. I cannot explain the source of this fear which has the potential to bring several sleepless nights upon me.

But, over time I have learnt to deal with these creatures who are part of my surroundings, not being sure who is encroaching whose space!

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